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CAL: A blanket in the style of Vasarely

(Cet article est le même que le précédent mais en anglais car plusieurs crocheteuses étrangères souhaitent s’inscrire)

In this article, I’m going to re-write what I wrote in French 2 days ago, so that English speakers can join the CAL and regularly let us know how things are going on with their work.

It all started with the invasion of geometric motifs in clothes collections but also in home design collection. That made me feel like doing something in crochet… I’m also a great fan of Victor Vasarely, and having visited La Fondation Vasarely » in Aix en Provence 2 years ago, I’ll remain forever impressed by his talent.

So, to cut a long story short, here is a CAL to make a blanket. I wrote the pattern but I was helped by Isabelle Kessedjian who accepted to make the drawings to guide you while sewing the blanket.

crochet vasarely blanket

So, what shall you do to take part?

1. Download the pattern either here (below)  or on Ravelry, so as to start thinking about your project and get all you need to make it. You’re very welcome to use the yarns from my boutique (I ship worldwide for limited prices) but please feel free to use any other yarn bought elsewhere. The idea for me is to share! (You’ll need a large quantity of yarn to make the blanket but you needn’t have all in stash now. I’m sure we won’t see the difference in dye lots, so that you can spread your purchases over time.)

2. Copy the poster of the CAL to put it on your blog and tell your readers that you’re in. The more, the merrier!

3. Enroll  HERE in the CAL by sending me your name (+ pseudo) and a link to your blog and facebook page (you can take part without any online adress, in that case you’re name will be suffient). Please do not leave a comment below to take part, that will be easier for me).

4 On every 8th and 21st of the month, we publish a short article on our blogs/ facebook pages to say how things are going on. It may be an independent article or a few lines on another article, but please, make sure, each time, you continue to make a link toward this article to keep on sharing the idea throughout the months. Personaly, I’ll also publish articles and gradually add the list of contestants.

5. Every month, we make 35 diamonds (knowing that some shapes are 1/2 diamonds or quarters, please see the pattern).

On saturday December 21st, our project is finished and we are ready to cope with winter cold!

So, what do you think? You like it?

A blanket in the Style of Vasarely

Let’s « meet » on Monday April 8th for a first report and your first 18 diamonds!


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  2. sitbon péguy

    tres belle idée je viens juste d’en prendre connaissance
    j’aimerais avoir le « modèle » au crochet
    j’ai plein de restants de laines alors pourquoi pas

  3. Leticia Ferreira

    *0* J’aime beaucoup cette idee! C’est tres belle!
    IM sorry, but my french ends here.. Im going to move soon so I will certain do it.. Congrats :]]

    Kisses from Brazil :*

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